Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miss Paisley May Turned ONE!

-Paisley's First Birthday-

All I can say is WOW! One already! How time flys by. You really have to to grab a hold of each moments with your kids. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I could not ask for a better life. God blessed me with everything I ever asked for! An amazing family along with my loving husband. Ryley and I have it all. Two amazing beautiful daughters who we love more than anything in this world. It has been so touching to watch our girls grow up together, watch their relationship grow strong and founder! They are the best of friends, always laughing and giggling. The sound of their laughter together is priceless!!!!
Paisley's Princess Party!
After all my hard work and long hours into Paisleys birthday I surprisingly was very happy with the results. I mean we could of had better weather for all the bubble this we got. But it was PERFECT just the way it turned out! I had this amazing Idea to make each of the girls their own tutu! What an adventure that was! I thought it would be a sinch! Boy oh boy was I wrong. It also probably would have helped if i wasn't such a procrastinator! But they turned out super cute and I was very Happy with the end results! The girls had a blast with "Princess Dress-ups" UNTIL.... They realized how itchy the tutu's were! Ireland really struggled with it the most! She just couldn't figure the dang thing out! If it wasn't itching her, then it was in her way of crawling. She is quite the little mover now! I was preparing MaKylee For Paisley's birthday for a couple weeks, letting her know that it was PAISLEY'S BIRTHDAY and PARTY. At first she didnt really like the "whole" idea. " But I just want it to be my birthday mom, not Paisleys." She actually now LOVES when its Paisley's birthday now. Well wouldnt you? She had a blast at the party, she enjoyed it the most. I would have to say she she enjoyed all Paisley's new toys the best. Somehow she seems to think they are more her toys than Paisleys! Paisley was so cut! For the most part happy and cheerful, she was a little sleepy due to no nap! But she still had fun. Still attached to me the whole time! She is a Momma's girl! She enjoyed eating her 1st hot dog! yum yum yum! With opening gifts... Her favorite part??? The ribbon ! If I would have only known! We should have just got her boxes full of curly ribbon! Now the whole cake buisness.... First. I have to thank my amazing wonderful talented Mother- in- law! Thank you thank you thank you! You always do such amazing work! We love you and thank you for ALL you do for us! Second. Paisley was not a big fan of the whole first time cake experiance. Third... Bummer for us! But we still love you Paisley! At the end of the night .... Everything was perfect!
Here's some pictures:

Papa Bob and The Woodruff Girls!

Even the Puppers had some cake! (Since Paisley Wasn't a big fan!)

Presents! MaKylee Enjoyed this part! Who would of guessed they were for Paisley

Paisley's FAMOUS face!

Ireland+ TUTU= THIS!

Princess Paisley Cake
Thanks Nana

HEY! I was standing right by her. Im a good Mom. I swear!

-Paisley's First Birthday-

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 2010

So here I am with a blank page. Wondering where to start. So many things to update everyone on. I have not been the best blogger , I really need help with my blogging. It must be something that gets easier. I am clueless! But I am determined now to keep up on my blogging!

-Update On The Woodruffs : Ryley Lindsey Makylee and Paisley

-Paisley -
April is just around the corner. Geez!! How this year flew by. Paisley Will be turning one next month. I just cant believe how much she has changed in a year, they just don't stay small for long. Being a mom is the most amazing, inspiring, motivating and heavenly thing in the world. I am so grateful. The first year goes by the so fast I'd have to say. You carry your baby for 9 months. There is no other bond like a mother and their child. The first time you and your baby make eye contact is the closest feeling to purity that I have ever experienced. I felt so much love and purity through my daughters eyes.

Paisley is my Lil Miss! She is just Itsty Bitsy... She can fit in some of her 3-6 month outfits still! But at the same time fits in her 9 month outfits! She is just this lil thing that is always on the go! She is walking now... Has been taking steps for a couple months now! Geez how fast she is! Her and MaKylee LOVE to play now. They are so cute together! Already have that sisterly love! They are already taking each others things, the battles begin! Paisley is starting to talk now also, she says, " ma ma " "da da" "pa pa" "ba ba" "hi" and the newest one "bye bye".

The past month has been such a blessing to me, I have gotten to spend so much time with my cutessst lil Neice Ireland. She is so precious to me and I love her so much! Paisley and her are cute together. Sometimes Ireland gets a lil overwhelmed with Paisleys's kisses... or should be say "headbutt kisses" Hey! she tries! I can already see how close they are going to be growing up together and only being three months a part. In the future I see.... * Mischief *

Soon to come..... Pictures through out paisleys first year


Makylee started School and dance this month and is loving every moment of it! It had to be ONE of the HARDEST but BEST things I have done. It just made me come to realization that she is growing up, and she's not my little baby anymore. She lets me know every day that she is a big kid! She goes Twice a week... and loves every minute of it. She always comes home so happy and excited to tell me about all the things she learned and fun activities she did at school! OH! DONT forget , and all the cool dance moves she learned. So adorable. She is so amazing with Paisley. Paisley could not get a better sister, she is so blessed to have MaKylee. MaKylee is little miss momma. She reminds me so much of how my sister was with me, always taking care of me and watching out for me with endless love. Makylee will also let you know " Paisley is my child mom, ok? " They adore each other so much! I am so excited to watch them grow closer and closer with each other. I love you girlies!

Strike a POSE

MaKylee's hair BEFORE I cut off 7 inches!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Oh Fathers Day. We had an eventful day. I am not sure about you but any holiday seems a little hectic around out house hold! I always feel so rushed. But I do love all the time I get to spend with both families. See we are so greatful, we are so close to both side of the families. We spend so much time with both of them. I love you all so Much. Dad you are so inspiring and i look up to you.You are so wise, and brilliant with a heart of gold. I remember realizing when i was about 19 or so that you were always right... Dang it! lol. If I would have listened all those times you made me angry for loving and caring about me! I love you! And Dennis... I am so greatful for our relationship. Not all wife's get to have such a great bind with there father in law, Dad :) And Ryley my love. You are so amazing with our girls. They love you so much. MaKylee has such a blast with you all the time. "Daddy throw me in the sky please!" "oh Daddy, you so silly" She is so awesome and she gets alot of it from you! Hey I gotta give him a little credit! I know they are your world, and I am so excited to experience parenthood with you!
So this morning we had breakfast with the Woodruff's at Crackel Barrel. Yum. Funny story... Our name was called so we all went up there to get seated and by the time we got up there a different family said they were Woodruff party of 8! They stole our table! ha!
Then we were off to Larry H. Miller Raceways! We got to race in go carts! I shoudnt say that I raced because I got passed by everyone 10 times!! Ryley had a blast and so did the girls!Then off to dinner at The Woodruffs! What a great Day! Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Picture Time!

On Tuesday I finally went to go get Paisleys pictures done. I was wanted to get them sooner, But I have learned that 2 kids is much different than one! It is much harder for me to do things now! I know it will be easier soon because I will be use to it. But as of right now... It takes me 3 hours or more to get all of us out of the house. I know Insane! But It was such a blast. Makylee is such a hoot! The whole time all I heard was... " mom... ..... I just love you though..." and " paisley sweetheart, you so cute, i love my sissy mom." They are going to have so much fun together I am so excited! You have to cherish every moment of each day. I love you girlies.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Paisley May Woodruff

My Pregnancy with Paisley May was much different than with my first, MaKylee Rose. Oh but it is so worth it to see them look at you the first time. Paisley was born at IMC hospital on thurdsay April 30th at 6:28 a.m. She was welcomed by her Momma and Daddy and Big sister MaKylee.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MaKylee Rose

Woodruff was born on September 10, 2006 at 8:55 a.m weighing 6lbs 12.oz and 19inches long. Since the first moment she was welcomed to the universe she has brought pure joy and happiness. She always puts a smile on everyone's face. She is a true charmer. What a beauty she is!